NBA may penalize teams that ‘take fouls’ during fastbreaks

THE National Basketball Association (NBA) may start to penalize teams that stop an opponent’s fastbreak by fouling in transition, according to a Monday report from Yahoo! Sports, which cited league sources.

The league’s Competition Committee, which began meetings in Las Vegas last weekend, is moving ahead with a proposal that would grant the team being fouled on the play one free throw as well as possession. Previously, the team that was fouled would only resume possession out of bounds.

The so-called “take foul” is under increased scrutiny because it allows teams to negate their opponents’ fastbreak opportunities, especially when the opponent has the numbers advantage.

The committee’s recommendations, including another that deals with players’ conduct on the bench, are expected to be approved when they’re made to the league’s Board of Governors, the sources told Yahoo! Sports.

One of a few bench decorum issues concerns players who remain standing during long stretches rather than taking their seats during games. Fans who are sitting behind teams’ benches, typically in pricey seats, have complained that their views of the game are obstructed.

The committee is mulling stiffer penalties for players who fail to stay seated, per the report. — Reuters