Live events return with P-Pop convention and concert

AFTER two years during which most live activities have not been allowed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, live events are making a comeback with the launch of the 2022 PPOP CON.

Sixteen Filipino artists will be coming together to meet their fans and hold a concert not only remotely through multiple remote boxes but in a physical space.

The 2022 PPOP CON is two-day hybrid event which will be held on April 9 and 10. It is fan gathering and celebration of Filipino pop culture and music, and will feature established and promising P-POP artists, fan engagement activities, and booths. The event will conclude with a concert at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

“It is with great pride that we host these amazing group of talents among our inaugural attractions as we reopen SMART Araneta Coliseum and New Frontier Theater to live entertainment since the pandemic and to welcome back fans inside our venues,” Irene Jose, Chief Operating Officer of Uniprom Inc. (UI), said in a speech during the press launch on March 30 at Novotel Manila. Uniprom Inc. manages the entertainment and leisure ventures of Araneta City.

The 16 participating P-Pop artists are: SB19, 4th Impact, Alamat, Press Hit Play, 1st.One, VXON, MNL48, BGYO, BINI, KAIA, PPOP Generation, DAYDREAM, R Rules, G22, Calista, and DIONE

“The past few years have been significant for emerging PPop entertainment, especially as more homegrown talents debut and make [their] ways locally and internationally. The P-pop community has actively grown in the digital space that even amidst a pandemic, P-Pop artists have thrived through virtual performances that garnered overwhelming fan support,” Andhie Salutin, 2022 PPOP CON project head, said in a speech.

“It has been a plan for some time, and we actually thought of doing it online. But pinakiramdaman namin (we tested the waters) if offline is possible because what we wanted is for them to be together,” Ms. Salutin told BusinessWorld after the launch.

Despite the artists are under different management agencies, Ms. Salutin said that it “perfectly aligned” that all artists were available on the same dates when they were given the schedule.

The convention will be held at the New Frontier Theater on April 9 beginning at 10 a.m. Fan activities will be held simultaneously at the venue and on livestream. The activities include performances, merchandise selling, fan booths, and games.

The concert will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on April 10, from 3 to 7 p.m. The concert lineup features the following P-Pop groups: SB19, MNL48, BGYO, BINI, 4th Impact, Alamat, 1st.One, and Press Hit Play, with opening performances by VXON and KAIA.

VIP Ticketholders will be able to enter by noon prior to the Live Soundcheck at 1 p.m. The Live Soundcheck will be exclusive for VIP and Online Special Pass ticket holders. It will only feature some of the P-Pop groups from the main concert lineup. Any type of recording will be prohibited at the Live Soundcheck.

Ms. Salutin said that hybrid events are a viable option to reach international audiences.

“We are in the live events scene, it’s in our system. Especially now that we are making P-Pop known globally, this (hybrid events) is the perfect way for the international fans to see them without flying here,” Ms. Salutin told BusinessWorld.

“I think hybrid events will always be the perfect event now. Iba pa rin ang live (nothing beats live events). But it also is giving them (the international audience) the opportunity to see the artists they want to follow,” she added.

“I think P-Pop is getting attention globally because we have a lot of world class talent here in the Philippines. It has just yet to be discovered, and we feel that platforms like this and the promotion of P-Pop in general will all help us in terms of P-Pop rising,” the girl group DAYDREAM said about reaching global audiences.

During the physical events, health and safety protocols such as temperature checks and the wearing of face masks will be observed by guests, production staff, and artists. Fully vaccinated audience members are to present vaccination cards. Sanitation areas and health protocol signage on distancing will be in place. Concession food items will be packaged to minimize exposure.

Tickets for the convention at the New Frontier Theater and the concert at the Araneta Coliseum are on sale via and Availability of tickets for concert and convention access at the Araneta Coliseum and New Frontier Theater will depend on the COVID-19 Alert Level during the event date. For more details on tickets, and health and safety guidelines on the event, visit — Michelle Anne P. Soliman