No one was hurt in the creation of the Human Leather collection

DESPITE its name, no one involved in Silence of the Lambs was involved in the creation of avant-garde fashion designer Kelvin Morales’ Human Leather collection, nor was anyone hurt in the process.

Rather Mr. Morales explores the anatomies of the human body, as well as the essence of their touch and movement in his experimental collection. He asked himself: “What if the human skin can be used as material for clothing without the judgmental social hiss on cannibalism? What would it look like in the modern day?”

Fueled by this curiosity and his passion for the wide array of possible materials, the young contemporary artist, who formally honed his creativity and fascination under the Fashion Design and Merchandising Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, started researching extensively and embarked on crafting different boards for various moods, fabrics, silhouettes and colors.

Human Leather was the end result, a 14-piece collection that exhibits the peculiar beauty of the human skin through the incorporation of tattoo-inspired embroideries, colorized human hair, manual hand embroidery, local fabrics and bespoke details that embody the conceptual and tactile qualities of individuals.

“Clothes should be an extension of one’s self and with this collection I took that literally,” Mr. Morales noted in his look book. “I interpreted skin as clothes and translated it into clothing that mimic that concept. This contextualizes the human body and the function of fashion in a different way, dismantling the stereotyping of beauty.

“I wanted to highlight the diversity of human skin and equality of different races and colors,” he noted.

Mr. Morales is currently gearing up for the PHX 2020-2021, an incubation project of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the Department of Trade and Industry for young and emerging Filipino designers to showcase their original creations and collections in Tokyo.

View his works on his Instagram account @kelvinmmorales or through his official website